Words into Reality

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA — Two years ago, I began entertaining the thought of going to Africa on a film crew. I remember casually mentioning it to my family and slowly talking to my friends about the possibility. I REALLY wanted to go and have that experience. It seemed that the verbalization transformed the possibility into a reality.

Today, Jabbes Mvula, the director of the Zambian feature, BAD TIMING, came to watch the final cut of the film and he was happy, pleased and excited. Like me, he spoke to Cyndi about doing a film in his country and now it has become a reality. Speaking what you want to people who will support and nurture your dreams makes everything possible.

Two years later, I might have another opportunity … we’ve been asked about the possibility of producing a film in Zimbabwe and there’s another opportunity around a non-fiction film that will be shot in Singapore! How cool is that? Another film in Africa, perhaps one in Asia. Hey, that would be great! I will know more this week and then decide if this is something we want to pursue. If it is, you know I will share it. Then I know it not only can happen, but will happen!

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