What Families Do

I grew up with a large extended family. I grew up hearing the adult whisperings. Sometimes there was muffled laughter, sometimes muted cries. Shock, grief, joy, love. It is what family is to me.

Living in the Colonies among people I was not related to by blood provided a different experience, an experience beyond family of origin. Sharing one’s day-to-day living with friends and neighbors builds extended bonds of family … strong connections that endure and sustain.

We were reviewing the documentary and I was struck by a particular interview. “Everyone was interested in you and you were interested in everyone else. It was like … a big family.” This from a man who spent his entire life in the Colonies.

This weekend we will be screening our documentary at the Superstition Springs Harkins Theater. Many of our friends and families have shown great love and support over the months as we stubbornly worked to complete this project. As the project reaches the finale, we are discovering who has a genuine interest in us and our efforts.

Filmmaking forces a lot of common time. We have had many private conversations about our lives. We have shared adult whisperings. Sometimes there has been muffled laughter, sometimes muted cries. This weekend we share our work with those who remain interested in what we’ve created. Not really a comfortable place for either of us, but the story was meant to be shared and we are sharing with those who care.

It is what familes do.

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