We’re Behind Bars

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA, ARIZONA – There are moments in life when events happen that make you realize you are an adult. That happened this week. We feel like we have grown up and have become an official production house. It is true we have produced quite a bit of product this year. One feature film, one documentary, an art instructional DVD series, two music videos. We are in the process of writing three different screenplays and we completed some smaller productions for private clients. We also spent time researching, fighting and overcoming a wrongful termination notice.

GingherBarcode.jpgIn spite of all that, what made us feel all grown up? Some little lines and numbers. This week we received our first ISBN numbers. We can officially sell our products through Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Border and almost anywhere else you can name in the world. Seems like a silly thing, but for us to have our own bar code is…well… pretty cool.

So now we can produce our work and the work of others. This barcode is for Gingher Leyendecker’s Art Instructional DVD on Charcoal Drawing. We are official. One giant toddler and one California girl. I hope being an adult doesn’t mean the fun stops. Can’t imagine that happening. We like having fun way too much! Maybe that is what growing up is all about. Enjoying life, MY life.

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