BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA — pjwm.jpgFor Thanksgiving, Wistie came home. YAY!! Of course, this means spending quality time together … shopping. Now this really is a sacrifice for both of us. Shopping is not our first choice in providing entertainment, but it was an excellent excuse to spend some alone time with each other.

The car was unusually quiet even with the music playing. We were both just being and were not needing to converse needlessly. I glanced over and asked.
“Wistie, What are you thinking?”
“Nothing,” she replied.
“You look like you are deep in thought.” I responded.
She smiled at me and said, “No, I’m just wading.”

Had to smile. We waded together in shallower thoughts of Christmas’ past and days gone by. A lovely hour with my daughter, wading.

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  1. “i won’t breaK down this way, i will hold on for one more day if you’ll help me maKe myself feel something so much more than this. something that’s real i’ll live our love i’ll carry on pretending that i don’t notice that you’re gone. but [oh] i miss you, so much it hurts sometimes, and i can’t bring us bacK to all the days gone by.” hee hee. see you in a month

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