Turning 50

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA – I am turning 50 this month. I have decided to spoil myself. I pjx.jpgwalked into the phone store and bought a phone. I picked one out I liked and bought it. I then went purse shopping and bought one of those as well. I am now looking for shoes. Most who know me realize how unique this spending spree really is.

Why did it take 50 years to figure out that I deserve a phone of my choice just as my children do? Why did it take me 50 years to justify buying a purse I wanted?! Not because I needed it, which I did, but because I wanted it. What a novel idea. To live like I count just as much as those I love and cherish count. I am learning to value me. I find when I value me, others do as well.

The other day Chris told me he wanted to buy a new racquet for racquetball. I told him I wanted one too. He told me he would get a new one and I could have his old one. I told him he could get a new one and so would I. He looked at me funny. Then he smiled.

My days of hand me downs are over. I’m turning 50 this month. I’ve decided to get me a gift this year, to value me. I like it. It fits just right.

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  1. While you’re at it….can you buy me one of those “jokes” too? I seem to have lost my sense of humor. BTW….whatever can we do to celebrate such a milestone as Pam’s 50th? I am thinking……….

  2. i just bought the last ones! sorry. i think they are pretty easy to make… i’ll get you the recipe. um… pretty much this is my thought/question: why do people not comment on my blog? ouch.

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