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The question everyone is hesitant to ask is how much will it cost to document your event, life history or catalogue existing footage and photos.

Very few people know how time consuming documentaries or film making is. Most go to a movie and never imagine the hours, days, months and even years it takes to produce a film. And you don’t care. You are interested in the end product and the cost.

After years of documenting and film making, I have found the most practical way to charge for  services is an hourly rate. If the event requires additional personnel, then the rate increases proportionally. For example, a wedding typically requires a two person crew so the hourly rate would increase.   (Additional fees for traveling expenses outside of the Phoenix area will be accrued.) Keep in mind that filming an event is but one portion of your project.

Post production is the most labor intensive. It is difficult to estimate the hours involved, but typically for every hour of footage captured,  four hours of compiling, editing and processing is required.

Additional minimal costs to be mindful of are music, Blue-ray discs, flash drives and hard drives to store your footage and movie. You will want to preserve all that was captured of your event. Even the footage that was not used for your final product will be preserved on an appropriate drive.

This method of billing allows you, the client to estimate the cost of your unique project and budget accordingly.

So, if you need help organizing your pictures, documenting an event, editing your footage simply call Reminesse today (480.577.6380) to schedule a complimentary consultation. .

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If you have anymore questions, call and ask me. I’m here to help you.

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