The Heavens Weeped


<img src=’’ alt=’desert_storm.jpg’ ‘class=’alignleft’/>We have been teased most every afternoon with dark and sinister clouds, but they never released anything more then a tear or two all summer until last night!

The lightening and thunder was cracking and rumbling over our house. The rain pelted our windows. The blaze of light kept streaking in. The cracking and snapping, at times, was just a second away from the bolts of light. VERY SCARY. Ciera crawled into our bed which lies below a large window and laid in terror. Every time a new bolt struck, my bed light flickered on. Kind of like the clapper! Wistie came up with a towel. She had gone out for a run in it! I would have joined her, but someone had to stay and comfort Ciera! That reminded me of Mexico. We used to stand under the roof during such a storm and rinse our hair. That fresh water would always make it soft. Then we made cookies. We still make cookies a lot around here.

As the lightening continued to strike, I ran to unplug my computers and Ciera sprinted downstairs to unplug hers. She was back quickly. It was difficult to sleep, convinced the next bolt would fry us.

But it rained. It poured. It was wonderful to have that cleansing of air and earth. It is true the heat will become even more unbearable with the added humidity, but we woke up today and we were not fried. It feels fresh and clean this early morning. Weeping really does cleanse the soul.

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