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gmaz.jpgOne of the advantages to being a writer/producer is that I am BEHIND the camera. This morning we received an email from GOOD MORNING ARIZONA. They have requested an interview for their show on Friday the 12th of SEPTEMBER. What goes around comes around and now the roles are reversed! So many of my friends are smiling at the thought that I am going to be the one interviewed. All of my kids, their friends, their significant others will all be enjoying ME in the hot seat. I wonder…. Who will be doing the interview. I need to do some research about them. Maybe I can still salvage this situation and ask them some questions. Perhaps, “would you like to know more?” comes to mind.

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  1. so… how long will it take so i can see it online or whatever because you know… i don’t have access to good morning arizona… because i’m in utah… find that out for me

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