Team Work

Yesterday we had a business lunch. I always get a little quiet during these little meet and greets. I think it is warranted. There have been so many times that we have met with someone and shared our ideas and plans and then find they have taken our idea, knowledge or connections and have used it to benefit their plans leaving us in the dust. So I watch and observe and keep my mouth shut and listen.

While we were at Sundance this year I watched the different filmmakers as they cautiously networked with one another. Never quite sure who would be their friend or next business opportunity, they knew they had to be vulnerable because they can’t do everything themselves… well some can, but I believe the work suffers. Another story!

So back to lunch. Cyndi was quite in her element, asking questions, getting answers, providing comic relief, being her intelligent self. I guess the man couldn’t take it anymore. He finally looked at me and asked a question. I began talking to him about our stories and plans and hopes. I mentioned several of our projects and there was one that he latched onto and confirmed his belief that it was a great story.

As we said our farewells, His comment was something like, “You need to talk more.” I told him that if I talked more I couldn’t be listening. I think he got it, but so did I.

There is something wonderful about having our story ideas validated. Who knows, he might be calling one of his writer friends and telling them about it. Or maybe we found another team player. Sure hope so. If we have learned anything we have learned filmmaking is a collaborated effort with people you can trust. And being able to express myself without judgement does build trust. We don’t all have to agree, but to be in a space of mutual respect and consideration made me feel good about me… and about him.

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