stoneface2.jpgPAMELA BOWMAN ZAMBIA AFRICA-Hello! This is “Stoneface.” Yes, the crew has nicknamed me! What is up with that? I can’t imagine why? I was the one who couldn’t sit still and was smiling ear to ear as we approached Heathrow. I was in Europe for like 4 hours! I was so close to Italy and Spain and Greece! That was painful! Then when we were actually landing in South Africa everyone was telling me to look out the window. There was a problem because on a 747 middle aisle you can’t see out any window! But they told me how beautiful the sunrise was. Wasn’t that nice of them? OK I was a little sleep deprived. I found out that I can’t sleep sitting up! stoneface.jpgThe first night I sat between Cyndi and Alec. I was an oreo between two people who love to TALK! The second night I was between two people who thought the chair arm rests were only for them. I was squished! MEN! So finally we arrived in Zambia. We walked off the plane and it was so COLD! I had the privilege of being the only crew member to have lost luggage. Still lost after three days. But being stonefaced – nothing fazes me.

I loved meeting the cast. I loved listening to them talk. Their speech is musical. I am beginning to actually understand them. It is also uplifting to feel the excitement they have over the project. So on Monday we start filming. Is that possible? Yes it is! I can’t wait to see the dailies. There is not a word to describe this experience. So I won’t even try.

So from Stoneface to those who care – I won’t say good-bye. I will say see you later.

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