Today I walked into my employer’s office. He was in a discussion with another attorney. I handed him identical letters to sign. Both needed to be mailed, one certified and the other standard mail.

He needed to sign both. No copies allowed.

“How did you know that Pam?”

“She’s such a smart girl!”


“You’re such a smart girl!”

I almost felt like rolling over and playing dead.

Let’s be clear here. I am older then both of these “smart lawyers.” I would like to smack them around to shake off their arrogance and condescending attitudes, but frankly, this woman doesn’t care what they think of her. She also understands that they don’t really believe she is smart. After all, she is 53 and is working for them. How smart can she be?

Now, sit. Sit. Good girl. Shake hands. Go fetch.

“Such a smart girl!”

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