She’s BACK

How do I know she is back? First clue is my car is gone, my keys are gone and there are dirty dishes. Okay, more than the normal amount of dirty dishes. She did lie next to me this evening to watch AMERICAN IDOL and then she had the nerve to ask me to make HER dinner. What is up with that? So when her friend arrived to whisk her away, I made her do the dishes first. If I cook then I won’t clean! wistiecute.jpg And, since the dishwasher broke this week (just in time for that lovely government rebate!), it was the least she could do. I would take the car, but she has my keys! Good thing I have my bike. Tonight she tried to teach me the cha-cha. Well, that was good for a laugh. Chris was watching with amusement as I tried not to shake my booty! Kind of hard at my age when everything jiggles. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I am sure another dance lesson is in the works. We argue about who is the guy. Only time neither of us wants to lead. Funny girl — got to love her.

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  3. What would you like to plan? Can you fit me in your schedule? Lunch? Late movie? let me know.

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