Sharing Self

<img src=’’ alt=’shirt.jpg’ ‘class=’alignright’/>This last year we had a client celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They planned a celebration in the White Mountains with 50 of their closest friends. We were to spend the weekend capturing the three-day event and provide a video to the participants to commemorate their participation. Prior to the event, we were asked to assemble a video about their married years for the opening ceremony. We scoured their photographs and home movies for images that revealed the core of their relationship … and with the new age for video recording, most people have an excess of footage! They were not an exception.

I came across a piece of footage that touched me deeply. I found myself in tears as I watched this interchange between life partners. I imagine the moment took place on a lazy Sunday morning or perhaps in the late hours when the world is locked behind the door.

They were in the privacy of the room they share together. You never see the husband. But he holds the camera steady and attentively, for what will be a 10-minute long narration. As he was filming her she turns. I can see in her eyes the determination, but I also sense her vulnerability and her need to just be heard. She asks.

“Do you want to hear a story? I have this story in my head. Do you want to hear it?” The man apparently nods because she looked at him and smiled ever so slightly then sat on their bed and delved into this story, this idea, this thought without reservation or fear or doubt.

My tears flowed as I witnessed, what was to me, the raw intimacy that exists between trusted individuals who are sharing more than time and space, but their most sacred parts of themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, their souls.

Sharing self. Amazing.

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