Serial Silly

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – Tonight Ciera, Chris and I went grocery shopping. Chris likes to push the cart because his back hurts and then he has something to lean on. Ciera and I ran around the store picking out items. Chris always tries to talk us out of things and then always puts the items in the basket. I am never sure why he does that, but whatever.

There was a big display of ice. I am sure that fish or something had been displayed in it during the day, but it was too tempting for Ciera and I. We chased each other around the store having an ice fight. At one point I just picked up the wee thing and dumped her in! We both started to approach Chris, but decided against it. Neither of us wanted an ice bath in the Arizona winter!

Sometimes the silliest things seem to mean the most. It was a hard long day of play practice, painting sets, laying music for the film, discussing projects. It feels good to just find time to laugh, have fun and be silly with my daughter. Soon she will be “too cool” to chase her Mom around the grocery store. Hopefully, by then I will have grandkids who won’t mind having a crazy grandmother playing hide and seek in the cereal aisle!

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