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We mailed out the majority of the DVD’s on Saturday. A rather momentous occasion that seemed anti-climatic due to weird circumstances. This morning we received word from a few of the recipients and guess what….They liked it! Imagine that, someone saying something positive and uplifting and encouraging and supportive. What is this world coming to?

We had a good day. People are taking advantage of this time to order the movie for Christmas. We believe it makes a lovely Christmas gift for those folks that are rather difficult to buy for. They have everything and really want nothing, but this movie brings back memories and moments that they fondly remember. What a wonderful gift…if I say so myself. This also opens up dialogue with family members about what life used to be like.

We hope that those listening make the effort to get out that movie camera and document the voices, the recollections, the smiles, the tears of the story tellers in their own family. Every life has a story to tell. Take time to listen and appreciate those lives that lived and sacrificed and loved….for you.

You may choose to do your own sequel to THE LAND OF REFUGE. We hope you do! We will want to be on your mailing list!

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  1. I’m so excited to see it. I wish I could have been there for the premier but I’m glad it went well. I think I know what my favorite Christmas present will be. You’re amazing Pam! Love, Marci

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