Our Motto: Be Prepared

pjthinking1.jpgPAMELA BOWMAN MESA, ARIZONA USA – We are as ready as we are going to get. The script is done, the storyboards are done, the day of days is done. The equipment is packed. The supplies are ordered. The shots are injected. The tickets are in hand. The actors are preparing for their parts. The sets are ready. Everyone’s roles and responsibilities have been outlined and explained. When we land in Zambia we will be ready to start shooting BAD T!MING and we will be continuing with VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION.

So maybe the question is not are we ready, but is Zambia ready for us? Our small and determined crew will be landing next Thursday morning. We know they know we are coming. They have been generous with their support and encouragement. Jabbes and Cyndi are in daily contact with friends, business associates, press people, educators and family. I would imagine they are just as curious about us and our culture as we are about them and theirs.

We have not had the luxury of sending over crew members to scout out sights, sets, actors and costumes. Jabbes has delegated many things to those he trusts in Zambia to manage many details. When we arrive we are confident that those he trusted will be ready for us and our goal of shooting these films. We know that the Zambian crew understands and appreciates that we only have 4 weeks to shoot these films before returning back to the USA. We do not have the luxury of waiting for sets to get done or for actors to learn their lines. Everything must be ready. Jabbes assures us it will be. He trusts his friends explicitly. This gives us confidence because we know and trust Jabbes. He has been a man of his word.

Cyndi is not only preoccupied with shooting these films. She has other things on all of our plates. She is a teacher after all. So every waking, and no doubt, sleeping moment is spent either teaching or figuring out how to teach a concept, program, ideal or specific student. Those in education from Zambia have contacted her and arrangements are being made to teach those interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. This is scheduled to occur within the first 24 hours of our arrival. As a teacher, she knows she is also always learning. She has contacted educators who will assist her in documenting Zambian story tellers and artists. She is as excited about this aspect of the project as she is the feature film and the documentary.

As you can tell this project is multi-dimensional. That is because Cyndi is the queen of multi- tasking and has taught us to be the same. We are all learning and doing so much. We have to. She has done all she can to help us take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity. So maybe the question should be is Zambia ready for Cyndi Greening and her FilmZambia Crew! Zambia, brace yourself, a cyclone is landing on Thursday morning. So be prepared, anything can happen and usually does.

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