Our FilmZambia Experience — One Year Later


BY THE FILMZAMBIA CREW, ALL OVER THE U.S. — A year ago at this time, we were in Zambia, in the middle of our first week of production on BAD T!MING. It was exactly one year ago today that we had our first day on set and we discovered that our lights were toooooo powerful for the Zambian circuitry. Even with our adapters firmly in place, it was hopeless. The bulbs flickered and the filaments fizzled. The transformer in the building smoked. It was just sad.

Gaffer Shawn, Grip Jacob, Alec, Heath and Cyndi went all over town trying to find more bulbs. When they discovered there were no bulbs on the entire continent, they got all MacGuyver. They went to an electrical store and bought halogen yard lights. The guys fashioned our own 500W and 1000W lights with reostats and switches. Thank heaven Mike Montesa brought his photographic umbrellas and stands along to Africa. Thank goodness for the equipment we all brought along!

Crew member Jeniece Toranzo edited together a wonderful mini-doc on the FilmZambia Crew. You can see how we dealt with the challenges with the lights and many of the other difficulties faced during that shoot.

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