I have been attending this professional networking employment group. In my group of over 20 there is a hodgepodge of professional people from lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors and one filmmaker. The ages range from recent grads to Grandparents.

Our goal is to promote our product, which initially is us. Number one recommendation is, talk to people. Nobody knows what you are doing if you don’t tell them. Our homework for the week was to get in touch with our previous employers, friends, and associates who know us and who value our work. Statistics show that acquiring more work is all about networking. So start with who you know and it will lead to those they know who are looking for your services.

Sounds doable and safe, talking to known friends and associates. I stewed the first part of the week. Should I go to their offices and disrupt them there? Should I ask for an appointment? I don’t want to bother anyone. My resolve slowly began to deteriorate. But, my determination outweighed my insecurities. I committed to do this this week! So, I compromised and opted for a phone conference, but no one answered. I tried, that is what counts, right?

I hate being a middle-aged adult having to go back to my networking group san assignment. I feel like I did as a student when I went to school unprepared. (A rare occurrence! JA) I have one more day to practice… someone is at the door. Time to network!

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