Luckiest People in the World

Wistie just called to tell me she is watching “Funny Girl.” I love, love, love that movie. She said Fanny had just sung “People”. So she said I had to sing it. Now, what is a Mom to do? So I sang it. I think I ruined the mood of the movie, because she had to hang up so she could run to the bathroom. I think she might have had me on speaker phone. It sounded like others found something as amusing as Wistie. I know the movie had it’s funny moments, but it sounded like they fell of their chairs or something. Hope they are ok because People, people who need people are the luckiest people, in the world! Love ya Wis!

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  1. Well,that was rude! You were a good sport to sing it for her! I think she set you up! Did you happen to see the video clip of Senator McCain singing that same song?? You couldn’t possibly have been as bad as he was! (He was making fun of Barbara Streisand… said her being involved in politics was about as bad as him singing her song!)

  2. um, i don’t think it was rude at all, cathy. and, she (my mother) exaggerated. i didn’t have to hang up… and i didn’t have to go to the bathroom. also, she was not on speaker phone. but my friend next to me could hear her anyway. it was great. i love my mommy, she’s nice to me

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