Life of the Rich and Famous

BY PAMELA BOWMAN – MESA, ARIZONA — Last week I got to find out firsthand some of the perks of the rich and famous. FrenchMineralPool.jpgMy business partner was selected as the August candidate for Woman of the Year. She received a basket of goodies. In the basket, there was a gift certificate to a very, very, very nice spa. I received a body massage for an hour and a facial for another hour. Then I floated around in a pool of mineral water (imported from France!) to my heart’s content. I laid in the sun and drank iced water seasoned with ginger and mint leaves. La Dee Da! After editing this last year … well my neck needed the stress relief even if the rest of me didn’t! (Above: French Celtic Mineral Pool at Spa Avania, Hyatt Regency, Gainey Ranch where I floated peacefully in the midday sun.)

It was my first massage. My masseuse said I looked pretty scared and apprehensive when she brought me into her room. She was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was on her table.massageRoom.jpg “You were like a wet noodle!” she exclaimed. I am a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. I have the sense to relax if you put me on a warm, cozy table and start rubbing away! There was this relaxing music and scented candles. It was easy to forget that I was naked. Okay it wasn’t easy to forget but I was covered up for Pete’s sake and let’s face it … I am too old to care anymore about what I once looked like. What was important in this case was what it felt like. It just felt good. And frankly, for all the work I’ve done this last year and the stress I’ve been under with the hearing, I deserved it. As a matter of fact, I think everyone deserves at least one amazing wonderful massage in their lifetime. (Left: Massage Treatment Room at Spa Avania, Hyatt Regency, Gainey Ranch)

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