Last Dance

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA — One of the things I most enjoy in my life is watching my adult children interact with their significant others.

Saac went to a “formal” affair the other night. It was a dance and that boy LOVES to dance. He is very good at it. We were all talking about how unusual it is for guys to like to dance. Ben said he would love to dance if he knew how. He doesn’t like to “look” stupid out there.

So, in my infinite wisdom I have come up with a litmus test for women. If you really want to know if a guy is secure in who he is and REALLY doesn’t give a flip about what people think of him, take him dancing.

hitch.jpgInstantly, you will discover if he is all about looking good. You will find out if he thinks people are always watching him and if they might catch him pulling an Albert Brennaman (HITCH). If my litmus test is accurate, when the fellow gets out there on the floor, he’s letting you know he is more about having fun and sharing a good time with you than making sure he looks good.

In the meantime, Ben is interested in taking dance lessons. Leave it to Ben to figure how to look good AND have fun. That is a smart boy. Sounds like I found a great Christmas gift for someone. More time to enjoy watching my kids!

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