Keep Walking

We are in the final run through. Now it is the nit picky stuff that can never be nit picky enough! Matching the sounds, the music, the names, the feeling, and lets not forget the story!

We are so close I can almost feel that dull ache I felt when my children walked away from me their first day of school. I knew I would never be their only source of information ever again, never be their only resource, and never be their only influence. They had access to the world and the world had access to them. They kept walking…away.

This story is not my story, and yet I have become the storyteller of lives and events that deserve to be remembered. It has been a publicly personal journey. Sometimes I have felt lost and confused as I unearthed forgotten or hidden histories. Other times I have encountered revelatory self-discoveries as I experienced my own weaknesses and then was overwhelmed with my strengths. Was I always strong? Was I always this determined?

I have walked away from me. I have access to the world and the world has access to me. I’ll keep walking….

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  1. um… apparently that’s a lie. i don’t have some right now… so there goes the “always” part of your comment

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