Is It Over Yet?

Did we just have Christmas? Did I miss it? I think I missed it. Although my face is showing signs of too much chocolate. So there is some evidence that I ate Christmas… We won’t even go there. Ciera has put me on a New Year’s diet. Nothing white. Already 2009 doesn’t sound all that great!

Rumor has it that over the last two weeks we hosted several parties (still trying to get rid of some LOVELY white elephant gifts), attended several other parties, decorated the house, went shopping, opened gifts, returned gifts, entertained out of town guests, undecorated the house, kissed on New Year’s eve, woke up New Year’s morning with a special welch’s sparkling grape juice hangover. I kid you not! For punishment, drove to Utah, packed Wistie’s stuff, unpacked Wistie’s stuff 1/2 mile from previous packing, enjoyed Sundance, ate SOME MORE! Fantasized about skiing. Drove in a lovely midnight winter storm, went to the movies, visited then drove home. Whew!

You’d think I wouldn’t need a diet with this life of mine … but I do! Oh, what the heck!

The other day, while at Costco, there was a lady trying to lure a lost dog out of the parking lot. She made several mistakes, but the one I can still visualize is when she bent over and couldn’t stand back up. She fell to her knees, crawled over to the shopping carts, and shimmied up a pole. Across the street, 20 feet away was her HUSBAND … laughing! I told Chris, stop the car! I need to go help her! Then I realized we would both be on our knees trying to stand up! The dog remained untethered, the woman embarrassed and the husband… well since he has no heart or backbone he is probably living a sorry good for nothing life.

Did we just have Christmas? Is the season of cheerfulness and joy and peace over yet? Thought so.

Now go make a happy New Year!

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  1. i’m sorry it’s such a punishment to spend time with your first born daughter… and you had fun! otherwise you wouldn’t want to come back in march, now would you? ha! i win.

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