BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA, ARIZONA — This morning Wistie received word that three of her close friends were involved in an automobile accident on their way to California. One received head injuries, but is recovering, one is physically fine and is probably on his way home. The third friend will not be coming home. We do not have details as of yet, but details do not seem important right now.

There will be moments in the coming days when she and her friends will think on this event and realize that being young does not exclude you from injury, pain or death. They will understand more because they have experienced more. Another step away from innocence. And they keep moving.

The Fourth of July will always be remembered differently for these young people. Hopefully, as they huddle together to talk and share and cry they will find more then comfort in each other. Hopefully they will recognize how precious every moment is. They will embrace the joy of everyday living and live joyfully.

newportNoLifeguard.jpgI share with you moments of my friends on our recent trip to California. Joyful moments when innocence was remembered and cherished and embraced again.

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