I Am The Producer

The first day of our research/reunion trip was … well … educational. I decided I wanted to see Lee’s Ferry, again. Apparently Chris took me there years ago and I showed no interest. This time I had two cameras in hand. We parked the truck and Wistie, Ciera and I started walking the trail to the original ferry. The sign said: 1/4 mile. I thought, no sweat. Quarter mile later Wistie said she’d had enough and headed back to the truck.

By now Chris had caught up with us.pjchriswalking.jpg We kept walking … in 101 degree weather … another 2 miles. You might think 2 miles is not a big deal, but it was high noon and we were carrying equipment. Whine, whine whine. The night before we had experienced food poisoning so our hydration levels were pretty low. Ciera was feeling a tad weak, but she tried to be a good sport and kept framing some good shots.

We finally arrived, or at least I thought so. I looked at Ciera and realized as the producer and the mother I needed to get her some liquid and fast. I told everyone we were heading back. Chris apparently thought we needed to keep going. “Just a little bit further, I know there will be more photo opportunities,” he said. I made a command decision and ignored him. We started walking and the funny part is that I actually thought he would follow. After all, I am the producer!

Pretty soon we could not see him. We yelled for him, but no answer. I could not go back to look for him or stop and wait. I needed to get Ciera some water!cjhot.jpg I realized once Ciera had water I would have to make a return trip with water in hand for the “injured” crew member. Maybe he had been bit by a rattesnake. I hope he didn’t sprain his ankle because I couldn’t carry him out. Then I started thinking that maybe he had a heart attack. He has been experiencing numbness and pain in his arms and legs lately. Maybe he fell in the river. That would be bad. He had my camera! As usual, my imagination ran wild. This only made me even hotter under the collar.

When I got back to the truck, Wistie was not there and the truck was locked with the water inside. I wandered around angrily and finally found her soaking her feet in the cool water! I had retrieved drinking water for Ciera and me when Chris showed back up. I scowled at him and told him he was grounded. “I am the producer! You have to do what I say!” He bowed his arms in mock acquiescence. Then told me about the shots he got.

ARGHHH! Tell me people, where is the respect? We finally had a moment to cool off. The water was FREEZING! How was that possible in this heat?usgirls.jpgDid I mention that the night before Chris wandered off, we could not find him for an hour … at the Grand Canyon? Oh, another story for another day!

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