I Am So Mature

PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – My youngest daughter had a group “daddy-daughter” date the other night. It was a swimming party. She was excited to go. It reminded me of when I was little and had one with my Dad. It was always an evening that I looked forward to.

While they were there, another girl approached Ciera and said, “I am so glad this is the last one of these things. This is so boring!” Ciera piped up and said, “I think it’s fun.” And her “friend” replied, “Well, that’s because you are not as mature as me.” Ciera reminded this girl that they both turn 12 in July. But this child (in her training bra) was adamant of her advanced wisdom and understanding. Ciera turned and walked away to enjoy the time with her other friends and her father. She noticed the child passing on her wisdom to other adoring girls. In the end it continues to bother her and I don’t blame her.

cierasm.jpgI expressed to her that she showed more maturity than this child by having a positive attitude and being brave enough to express her opinion. I encouraged her to continue to be who she truly is and not influenced by the “mature” crowd. They are the people who remain sitting down observing others act silly while having (gasp) a good time.

That is what I told her, but Inside I am offended and fuming and plotting. I am planting seeds as I tell Ciera’s older sister and soon her brothers about this little brat face. No one is going to mess with my kid’s ego. The audacity! She is so out of her league! She thinks immature. I’ll show her immature. What is her mom’s number. I have it somewhere around here …

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