I Am Serious

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – We had set up a meeting with a potential client on two different occasions. Last Friday, I had arranged my schedule to accommodate a third effort for a meeting. I had a four-hour window of opportunity and then I had another commitment in the late afternoon. So when his business associate called to let me know the meeting we had scheduled had been demoted due to some other last minute meeting … well I let her know I had other meetings, too. So three of us went ahead and met and hoped his other meeting would end and he could join us. I asked during this meeting if he was serious. She wanted to know what other meeting I had that might be more important than meeting with him. The implication was clear to me. Was I serious?

Now, I am not sure when I became insulted. I don’t think that really matters. What I am wondering is why is my time less valuable than someone else’s. My first reaction was that I am a woman. My husband informed me that he waits for me all the time. I told him he might wait 5 minutes, I have waited 5 hours for him and other “men.” And, now, I contend that I have waited five days! This is my time people. My time. And it is just as valuable as yours. If I were going to be late I would call, but you can bet your socks that I would not be late for the second meeting let alone blow it off a third time.

getSeriousPam.jpgHave I fed the beast? Does my behavior tell others that they are more important than me? No one is more important nor I might add is anyone less important. It is a matter of mutual respect and consideration. I am not a vengeful person. I will continue to meet my business associates promptly…that is who I am and will continue to be.

Just please don’t mess with me.

I am serious!

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  1. What do they call those people who are afraid of clowns? Clown-a-phobes? This clown would scare more than just the clown-a-phobes.

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