Holding Hands – Holding Hearts

BY PAMELA BOWMAN — MESA ARIZONA USA – We are home. And once again one piece of my luggage is lost. For some reason it seems appropriate. While in Zambia I left my life behind and for 23 of the 27 days I had very little to remind me of that life. Now upon returning I bring back only the luggage I recently had been reunited with. All that I acquired in Zambia was in the luggage the airlines has misplaced on our return flights. Two different lives and perhaps two different people living them. I’m sure there is meaning there somewhere. I am just too tired to analyze it all.

pushTheBus.pngNow that the filming has been done I wonder who will read our blogs. The work is not finished. There is post production still ahead. Our crew does not have the luxury of taking a few days to rest or have jet lag or time to absorb recent events. We still have to push the bus! So push we will.

When I told my family about some of our challenges and some of the highlights I kept seeing the faces of our Zambian friends. I would love to be able to reach out and touch their faces and hold their hands. In Zambia everyone holds hands. Grown men are seen walking down the street holding each others hands. It showed the world they were brothers of the heart. It was endearing and sweet and good. There is sweet intimacy in holding hands. I think it says you trust those hands with your life and with your heart.

We are home. Now we are with others who missed us and supported us and loved us. Once again that is really what life is all about. Being kind to each other. Loving each other. Encouraging each other.

To the crew I would love to say…..what, what, what. And thanks for sharing the best of you. You have enriched my life. I would hold your hands any day because we are brothers and sisters of the heart.

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