Hold Me


Hold me in your eyes.
Do not lash me away.
Reach for me through words
I will never hear you say.

Hold me with a touch
That I can never feel.
Touch me with sacred silence
That will never yield.

Hold me in the sound
Vibrating from within
Waves hovering beneath
Beyond the reach of skin.

Glance. Gaze. Then glance away.
Eyes flutter, flit, dance and sway.
Stay. Look deep to hold me through.
Feel the space I hold for you.

Invaded by jaded jade.
Too hurt to hold the hope.
Seeing my sight of near imposed
Known before your lashes closed.

You tempt, tease, turn away.
Too late. You are found.
A barrier erected, connection daunted
My vision held vacant on barren ground.

Steady I stare and pray.
To be known as I have known
Lonely then and lonely still
Waiting for a glance sincere.
Unfound, unknown and unloved still.
Hold me.


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