BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA, ARIZONA — ARGH!!! I went to the movie this weekend to see VANTAGE POINT. The theater was VERY full. We were sandwiched between two couples. Watching the previews, I often hear the conversations of those around me. Can’t help it. People talk loud and we don’t talk at all, so it is inevitable. I can hear “Neighbor Number One” vantage_point.jpgdiscussing her plans to enter the medical field because it doesn’t matter what the economy is (she says) people get sick and there will always be a need for nursing assistants. My thought is that nurses and doctors are needed as well but that might require more education than she is willing to tackle.

The movie starts and I quietly put away my popcorn. I would hate to disturb my neighbors with crunching. This is not the first time I notice that my fellow moviegoers do not have the same concern for other viewers.

It began with “Neighbor Number One” now giving her editorial comments on the actors, the scenes and then, of course, the story. Her comments ceased only when she stopped to take phone calls from her children …. multiple calls! After the third call, she informed them (and all of us) that they could not go to the mall and needed to stay at Burger King until she picked them up. There was some discussion on this decision before she finally hung up … again. She then proceeded to grace us with more editorial comments about the movie.

Where has common courtesy gone? I could have asked the couple in front what they thought but they were busy trying to quiet their crying baby. Maybe the group on the other side who talked too loud and then laughed even louder. I could have written a snide note in the light cast by the man who was texting nearby.

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something here. That’s right, I’m missing …THE MOVIE!

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  1. ummm … maybe they should have age appropriate theaters like ages 13-17 in one theater 18-25 in another, and 50+ in another … or even further, those with special needs in separate theaters such as: special attachment to phones this way, loud chewers to the left, … oh, ya, we don’t live in that world …

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