Feeling Groovy

I love the editing process. Cyndi, not so much. This last week was grueling. Sometimes I couldn’t find the voice over, or the clip or
the picture or my mind. I realized that when I became fatigued I made foolish mistakes. I understand the concept of breaks. It isn’t so much about you as it the fact that the work suffers because of you.

We found a work groove that expedited the process and made us both feel productive. It was cool. In a perfect world, we’d have had a couple of weeks to work in that groove but Labor Day Weekend arrived. So she went off for a break with her friends to Tucson. I continued working and calling her to ask her where specific photographs or visual elements were OR to get her opinion about something I was putting together. I think her friends find me a tad annoying. I am a tad annoying. Step off!

I want to shout out to Kelly Jones. He gave us a check to support the cause. How awesome is that? People have no idea how expensive film and filmmaking is. The equipment, the crew, the gas, the marketing. It goes on and on. I know Kelly loves film and appreciates all the time and effort for this project. It warms my heart to have friends who love what I love so much. There have been others who have offered financial support and I tell them to buy the product. I believe they will get their money’s worth and then it is a win/win. So thanks to all who have shown faith in this project and in me. It means the world to me.

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