Farrah Fawcett

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Today Farrah Fawcett was buried.

I realize that the media is very busy reminding us all about the life and death of other well known world citizens, but today I tried to think about Farrah and what she meant to me and perhaps to other women of my generation.

Remember that commercial; don’t hate me because I’m beautiful? I don’t think she ever was in that commercial. She didn’t have to be. She was that commercial. I think it is safe to say that we all watched Charlie’s Angle’s and we were awed by how beautiful and smart and self sufficient and funny these women were.

I think hate is too strong of a word, but certainly I wanted to find something wrong with Farrah. I mean for heavens sake, back then she was married to the six million dollar man! Couldn’t hate her hair, we all got ours cut like hers! Her smile? Too perfect. Her body? To firm. Her voice? Now we’re talking! Her voice annoyed me a little. She sounded like a little girl. Maybe she isn’t so perfect after all. Maybe I could compete. My voice is really loud!

In the end, her life, her ambition and determination to do her best, her commitment to her work and her family was one of the still voices that silently inspired women to pursue their interests, whatever they might be, with or without a shag haircut.

Some say she wasn’t the best actress. Some say she wasn’t that beautiful. Some say her death reflects her life, shadowed by others till the end. I disagree. I know her name, her work, her life. And so do you. She contributed to society with creative courage. She contributed by living her life and doing her best, come what may.

I liked her because she was beautiful and helped me and many others understand that we all are.

You can’t bury that.

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