Falling Slowly

onceMusic.jpgBY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, MESA ARIZONA – When I first saw the music video ONCE, it touched me. The sound, the words, the look, the feel. I wanted to watch it over and over again. Today, I realized it was one of the songs up for an Academy Award. I watched this evening and was again touched by the sound and feel. I had no idea it was from a movie. Have I been in a vacuum for a year or two? How could I have not known this movie, this song!

I smiled when they sang. I smiled when they won. It was wonderful to see that it isn’t always about who you know. Sometimes it is about enabling others to feel what they have forgotten. To remember how we were all motivated by love and the need to be loved. It was like that…once. Amazing how a song can ignite the hope of possibilities and the possibility of this moment. You can watch it on YouTube.

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