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<p align="center">Reserve your tickets for the <br />
  exclusive screening
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The Mormon Colonies in Mexico Documentary</STRONG></p>
<form id="form1" name="form1" action="" method="POST" subjet="Press Send to Reserve for THE LAND OF REFUGE" onsubmit="thanks.html"> If you would like to attend the 7:00pm screening of <strong>THE LAND OF REFUGE</strong> at the Harkins Theater at Superstition Springs Harkins, Mesa, on the 29th of November please provide the following information.<br /><br />
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    <label><input type="radio" name="Role" value="born" id="Role_0" />Born in the Colonies</label><br />
    <label><input type="radio" name="Role" value="related" id="Role_1" />Relatives in Colonies</label><br />
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When you push the SUBMIT button an EMAIL MESSAGE will pop up. Please push SEND to get your information to us. We will contact you via email or telephone within 24 hours. We look forward to seeing you at the screening!

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