Empty Canvas

This is our backyard. We moved here 9 years ago. We did have grass and a couple of trees, but for 8 months we have had…. dirt.


I like to look at it as a clean slate, an empty canvas, of endless possibilities, and opportunities. However you look at it doesn’t really matter. It is how I look at it.

Whatever it once was it no longer is and never will be again. Kind of like the promise of Spring and the symbol of Easter.

Ciera asked me during a recent spiritual performance what the story about the lady who approached the Savior was all about. “Why was everyone so mad at her?” women.jpg It was wonderful to share with her the concept of how people make mistakes and Jesus, in his infinite love, just told the woman that she was forgiven and “to sin no more.”

Of course in reality, as humans that would be like saying, stop breathing. What is important to me is recognizing the unconditional love, the acceptance, the intimate moment of being known and still being accepted, received and valued.

So, in the months ahead, I will (hopefully) be posting the progress of our yard. The dirt will be replaced with grass, flowers, trees ( a water feature, please!) that provide shade and a place where family can recognize unconditional acceptance and enjoy intimate moments of being loved and giving love. spring6.jpgOr there will be more pictures of… dirt.

What I know is time really does pass and many things that I thought would always be important to me have diminished in importance. Time does that. Distance does that. Lack of nourishment does that and frankly I’m glad. I rather like the possibility of that empty canvas regardless of how ugly or boring or undeveloped it is perceived to be. It is really not empty, it is just waiting to be developed into what it was meant to be. We all hold within us the possibility.

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