Embarrassing the Help

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA, ARIZONA – Well, isn’t this embarrassing? While I was out of town, I had an (uninvited) guest blogger. Although I would like to, I am unable to remove that blog. She is a master at what she chooses to be a master of — so I will live with it. My apologies to all who read one person’s warped opinion of reality. She really does need professional help!

So, the news is out. The response has been overwhelming. Cyndi’s former students are rallying around. This only supports our arguments of what a great teacher she is. Every day at the hearing, there are always surprises that the opposition did not anticipate. Friday will no doubt produce some more. We are so “sick and tired” of this waste of time and energy that, well, it is time to stop the madness!

I fear that the district will use its “unlimited resources” to bleed Cyndi dry. (Heaven knows that won’t take much longer.) I can only hope that someone begins to realize that those “unlimited resources” come from the Maricopa county taxpayers who have been pretty adamant about there being more fiscal responsibility. Let’s see how they explain this inappropriate use of funds! Someone may want something to help them swallow their embarrassment? We always have some Diet Pepsi on hand!

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