Done Our Best

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA – When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace. – John Lubbock, 1834-1913, English Archaeologist / Naturalist / Politician

In a week we will be celebrating. The labor hearing will have ended. The results will be announced and there will be nothing more to do to alter those decisions. At this point we just want it to be over.

Tonight as we discussed this last summer I asked Cyndi if she would have done anything different. She admitted she would. In reflection, I am not too sure. We both were born in the late 50’s. We were raised pledging our allegiance to the flag. We were taught that right will eventually prevail. We were encouraged to always stand up for what we believed in even if we had to stand alone. The concept that at the end of the day our efforts would be in vain still remains foreign to us. We were taught that we were innocent until proven guilty and if the evidence is present then the truth would prevail regardless of how much money, influence or corruption existed in the opposition.

I am here to tell everyone that it doesn’t matter how much truth is laying before those that judge. I am hear to tell you, don’t waste your time, your money, your efforts in the pursuit of justice. It does not exist. What exists is power. Those that have it control the world and they control us. You might not think they do, but you are wrong.

One of the truest tests of integrity is it’s blunt refusal to be compromised. – Chinual Achebe.

After this summer I have become ever so jaded. I believe we have all been compromised. Celebrate the freedom to remain sitting. Sooner than you think you will be not be allowed to stand.

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  1. Bitter, are we? Mommy, i’m here to tell you that Justice does exist! it exists because I read somewhere that it is coupled with Mercy. remember that? It does exist, unfortunately it is not present everywhere we want it to be, but that’s okay because they will get their own Justice, just you wait, just. Well, remember that I just love you mercifully.

  2. Unfortunately life is not just… He with the best lawyer wins.

    Days after my son was born I wrote him a letter. That in case something should happen to me I wanted to pass on certain thoughts, feelings, ethics.

    Part of what I tried to explain to him was this…

    I have a cousin who has struggled with cancer for 15+ years. She is a good person. She has lost both her parents, husband to leukemia, and oldest son in a car accident.

    John Ritter died suddenly of a brain embolism.

    Why cant Saddam Hussein have an embolism?

    Why did OJ get away with murder?

    Buddah says it doesnt matter…What is, is, and all events pass as quickly as they happen. No one can step in the same stream twice.

    I tried to explain this in my letter, that all we can do is get up in the morning…do unto others…be the kind of person you would want your children to be…

    And that no, life is not fair, not just…

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