Dig up the Dirt!

Have you noticed…

That when you read other people’s blogs everyone looks like they are having a really good time, all the time?

Now, don’t get your hair in the air! I am not suggesting that everyone become morose… but maybe a tad more real would be nice.

I am in the midst of writing a couple screenplays. One is based on two women born in the early 16th century. As I read the journals and histories and even the trial transcripts, I am faced with a dilemma. Those people understood the power of the written word. They knew whatever was written would be read. They appreciated that the histories they were exposed to, mostly religious texts, dictated most everything in their lives. They knew what they read influenced the individual and eventually nations, cultures and the future.

I believe, they slanted the truth as much as their conscience would allow to tell the story they wanted told and the histories they wanted remembered.

So, the next time you blog, try to remember to throw in some of the hard stuff because besides influencing future generations…

You are depressing the heck out of my everyday ho-hum life.

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  1. Your blog is like no one else’s – probably because you do just what you’re talking about. It’s realistic and I love reading it.

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