Depend On It

I like days when I wake up. I mean wake up and I know me…more.
This week I began to understand clearer the difference between standards and values. I know…DUH!!!!!!!

Granted, it takes me awhile to catch on or maybe digging deeper doesn’t just create a personal cave or maybe it does.

I often wondered how people can live with themselves when they seem to be such Biatches. I realized this week that sometimes people think that of me. And the worst and best part of that is…I don’t care. Okay I do care, but I care less then I used to.

List of values.

  1. Be responsible
  2. Be dependable

If you don’t have these same values, well that’s okay. We probably won’t be great friends, but we can still be something.

To me what is important is waking up and identifying what are our own driving forces. It helps define our unique selves to ourselves. Sometimes this can be a tad painful as we recognize our quirkiness. Sometimes, this can be liberating as we shed old rusty excuses and discover we can stand smelling our own morning breath.

Waking up. It’s all-good. In 16 hours you can go back to sleep and be at peace with the world for at least 6 hours barring bathroom breaks.

Unless your value is roll over or is it roll under. Personally, I just want to have a roll there. In my house you can depend on it.

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