Defiantly Sane

Someone told me that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So for 2010 let’s change it up some. What do you say! Unless you like those insane moments that measure your life!

This week our household will be diminishing by almost half. After we get back from taking Wistie up to school we will be moving her bed upstairs to Ben’s room. He is moving out within the week. I offered to move him sooner, but he declined. He is already in Utah waiting for me to bring his snowboard equipment. Hope I remember to bring it. Of course he kind of placed it in the front foyer so I would trip over it. Smart boy.

The first time I experienced the empty nest I felt a little sad. Our house felt so empty, but slowly as the bills decreased, the noise decreased and the work decreased I kind of enjoyed it. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy their company, their friends, their comings and goings. But those solitary moments felt so…liberating. I started to embrace the time that was just mine.

So, 2010 is already changing it up without my help or consent. Good thing because I really wasn’t feeling comfortable sitting with my legs hanging over the edge of insanity anymore. Nothing like jumping into the unknown to make you feel alive again. Scared, unsure, but defiantly sane!

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