No Depth

Stillness. Shattered. Into the depth below the surface. Incandescent shadows Imitate substance. An allusion of Shimmering depths. Promised understanding of weakness and failings. Celebrations of Strengths and assets. To know and be known beyond the ripples, wrinkles and swells. Belie. The reflection. Shined outward Blinding any sight. Veiled, concealed and denied shaded every slither of light. Paralyzed Eclipsed The light could have, should […]

Keeper of Self

I have been researching and writing a horror screenplay. The theme is about family. About what it means to be your brother’s keeper. It asks the question to the exclusive family society what is our responsibility toward one another. Does it ever end? And if serious mistakes are made, and they always are, do our […]

Out to Lunch

I cannot speak for all writers, but for me it is imperative to write everyday. Sometimes that means leaving a note on the kitchen to tell my world I am out to lunch. Sometimes it means sitting in front of my computer and asking myself the hard questions. What am I thinking? What am I […]

About Time

It has been over three years since I have been here. What is true is this picture sits on my computer. I suppose that would be a form of self torture. Sometimes, I visualize myself on the raft pushing off those who challenge my reign as queen. I can recall the feeling of floating through […]


One of the wonderful lessons I have learned during the last 4 years is the power of partnership. This last week, my writing partner and I had some revelatory discussions. Honest dialogues. We have reached a point in this relationship where we know we can say what we really think or feel about a character […]

Determined to Succeed

Time to celebrate. We received our first rejection to one of our query letters concerning AMAI. Some day they will regret that decision. A true story about an amazing woman who empowered a people, a country and the world. Yea, I can see why they wouldn’t be interested. Let’s stick to stories that are real. […]

It’s Done and So Am I!

Finishing a script, for me, is never what I expect. In the beginning, when I am reading and researching and discovering the story I am beyond anxious to get to the writing of the story. I keep envisioning scenes and moments that I cannot wait to create on paper. Did I mention that I cannot […]