I have an entire CD of this voice. Many have requested it. So here is a soundbite. Consider documenting the voice and mannerisms of those you love now. Take the time today.  

Happy Birthday Pamela Jo

BY CYNDI GREENING, ARIZONA — Another year has come and gone; it is so much easier to mark the passing time with annual events. I have a particular cluster of marking events … it begins with the holidays, continues through the Sundance Film Festival and peaks with Pamela Jo’s birthday on the last day of […]

What Families Do

I grew up with a large extended family. I grew up hearing the adult whisperings. Sometimes there was muffled laughter, sometimes muted cries. Shock, grief, joy, love. It is what family is to me. Living in the Colonies among people I was not related to by blood provided a different experience, an experience beyond family […]


<p align=”center”><img src=”” alt=”the land of refuge” width=”440″ height=”600″ /></p> <p align=”center”>Reserve your tickets for the <br /> exclusive screening of<br /> <STRONG>THE LAND OF REFUGE <br /> The Mormon Colonies in Mexico Documentary</STRONG></p> <form id=”form1″ name=”form1″ action=”” method=”POST” subjet=”Press Send to Reserve for THE LAND OF REFUGE” onsubmit=”thanks.html”> If you would like to attend […]

Feeling Groovy

I love the editing process. Cyndi, not so much. This last week was grueling. Sometimes I couldn’t find the voice over, or the clip or the picture or my mind. I realized that when I became fatigued I made foolish mistakes. I understand the concept of breaks. It isn’t so much about you as it […]