The Question

Let’s talk. The question everyone is hesitant to ask is how much will it cost to document your event, life history or catalogue existing footage and photos. Very few people know how time consuming documentaries or film making is. Most go to a movie and never imagine the hours, days, months and even years it takes […]


Last week on a business trip I read the magazine on the plane. (another small pj issue) It enlightened me on the future, our future. Imagine making arrangements to meet a friend or spouse at a restaurant for a 6 p.m. dinner appointment. You are driving toward the restaurant when you get a text message […]

Every Life is Special

A few years ago I had the opportunity of producing a life documentary of an amazing woman. She had a remarkable life. She traveled and lived in foreign countries working, teaching and serving. Her and her husband were instrumental in building and operating a large teaching Academy in Mexico City. For three years they lived […]