The Question

Let’s talk. The question everyone is hesitant to ask is how much will it cost to document your event, life history or catalogue existing footage and photos. Very few people know how time consuming documentaries or film making is. Most go to a movie and never imagine the hours, days, months and even years it takes […]

Making Movies, Making Memories

This is an example of a family who came to the studio to do a special tribute to their father. (They gave me permission to post it.) I always get a kick out of watching people learn how to use their footage. They sit with a smile on their face remembering forgotten memories. Those moments […]

Every Life is Special

A few years ago I had the opportunity of producing a life documentary of an amazing woman. She had a remarkable life. She traveled and lived in foreign countries working, teaching and serving. Her and her husband were instrumental in building and operating a large teaching Academy in Mexico City. For three years they lived […]


I have decided to self-study screen writing. I am reading many books on the subject because I am a tad stubborn. When it comes to others getting in my face and telling me how to do things I get my hair in the air and I take it personally. Who died and put them in […]

Opportunity is Not Equal

This year I have taken the opportunity to research out historical events that relate to freedom, equality and what nations and people have done and continue to do in the name of progress and civility. There are times where I have had to stop reading and walk away for days and weeks and even months […]