Dream Holders

While we were in Zambia, we took every opportunity to talk with the people and ask them what their lives were like. We wanted to know how they celebrated their joys and how they comforted each other in their sorrows. We also wanted to know what their dreams were. They weren’t so different than our […]

Read It.

I want to recommend to everyone ‘When A Crocodile Eats the Sun‘. And if you are very brave try your hand and heart with ‘House of Stone.’. Actually, read House first, than Crocodile. I still have them checked out from the library. AMAZING stuff. My head is so full of facts and my heart is […]


I LOVE stories that highlight women, past and present, who are brave and true and honest and committed to their right. Today I met, through more research, Nehanda. Nehanda was a woman in Africa who told the people that they had a right to fight for their land that was essentially stolen by Cecil Rhodes. […]


BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN – MESA ARIZONA — We spent most of the summer preparing for a legal hearing. To pacify my mind, I began working on a production reel to remind myself why we chose to do all we did for the Zambia project. The following is still a work in progress. It continues […]