Carmon Hardy

carmon.jpgYesterday, while on yet another research trip, we spent the day interviewing a history professor at University of California – Fullerton. His name is Carmon Hardy. He did his doctoral dissertation on the Mormon Colonies in Mexico. He was the one that helped Nelle Spillsbury Hatch complete her book, STALWARTS SOUTH OF THE BORDER.

After getting lost for over an hour, we met him at a restaurant near the campus. We enjoyed lunch and became acquainted with each other. We went to the University but, ultimately, he took us to his home to complete the interview. There, we met his lovely artist wife, Kamillia. During the filming and interview we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of information he had accumulated through the years and the insight he has over the subject of the colonies. It was a pleasure to be in their home. I personally witnessed the care and consideration they have for each other and others, even strangers like us!

They were both such generous and kind individuals. Carmon patiently sat for hours and answered questions under the heat of the lights and the California summer afternoon. Kamillia prepared a light supper for us to enjoy on their patio. Interviews can be tedious, difficult and exhausting, but we found Carmon to be articulate, responsive and insightful, the golden interviewee.

We left feeling like we had been in the presence of sincerely kind souls. Thank you, Carmon and Kamillia, for sharing your home, your life experiences and your authentic selves. It was a joy meeting you. We appreciate you both and wish you the best.

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