California Girl!

<img src=’’ alt=’pj.jpg’ ‘class=’alignright’/>There is something wonderful about being my age … wait, it’ll come to me … now what the heck was I going to say?

Being the oldest in this particular group of friends is a little different because I don’t have to deal with babies or diapers … at least not baby diapers! But I digress.

I got up earlier than everyone because, at my age, I have learned how refreshing the morning is. Quiet and peaceful and hopeful and MINE! I rode a bike almost every morning for about an hour and, when I got back. most everyone was wasting the day away in BED!

We hit the beach and I got through two wonderful books. I love to read! For some reason, it seems to annoy people when I read. I guess they’re annoyed because they miss something … ME! And as you can tell, being Italian prevented a sunburn again this year!

I also didn’t have much of an appetite but I managed to eat my daily dose of peanut M&M’s and fresh donuts.

Of course, being a natural-born (northern) California girl, I felt right at home when we got near the coast … and my hair was pretty excited to be there too! Loved it! Always will.

Love being this age … I finally understand that no one really cares how I look or what I wear. It’s very, very liberating to do what I want; I have finally come to a place in my life where I am all about doing good rather than trying to look good. Good thing because I don’t have much of a choice anymore!

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