Business Breakfast Bust

This week we went to a business breakfast meeting. It is held weekly with other business people who work together to promote each other’s work. It is like having 27 other people networking for you. It is a very good idea, don’t you think?

I had all these grandiose ideas on how I’d promote my writing, my production work, my marketing knowledge, my web site development experience, my constant contact know how. I wanted to show them how I could help them promote their own companies or products. I wanted to remind them that 50% of their business is from former clients and they need to reach out to them and remind them of what they can do for them. I wanted to share the benefits of effective and efficient advertizing or just suggest ways to utilize technology for their business and their personal lives. I wanted to spin it from a business investment to a personal perspective and tell them about producing their own family movies or documenting their own memorable moments. I had 60 seconds to give my spiel…. I failed.

Chris and I walked in. He was promoting his business and I was promoting mine. We were greeted by most everyone. They asked questions. They wanted to know what we do, all except the head huncho woman who walks up, shakes Chris’ hand, asks about his business and doesn’t even acknowledge me at all. What is up with that? A few minutes later she comes up to me and asks for Chris’ business card.

“I don’ t have his, but I have mine.”

“OH! You work? You have your own business? What do you do?”

I smile, hand her my card and I so want to be brilliant and clever in my response, but I bite my tongue.

“I’m a writer/producer”
“Really. Well, isn’t that interesting.”
And away she walks.

I’m really not good at this promoting myself stuff and even worse at being nice to %^&**()& . I need someone who can sell me.

Any salesmen…women out there?

P.S. They all really liked Chris.

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