Boys Will Be Boys

BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN, Mesa Arizona — This last month has been a tad insane. I spend my days editing madly. Today, we did another special effect shot for the film. Fun stuff!

At night, I help with set design for our local Junior High play, THE MUSIC MAN. Our director, Peggy, decided we should try to build an innovative set system that allowed for quick scene changes of large panoramas. On Tuesday evening, we hung two of the three Oleos (enormous 33feet by 11feet rolled backdrops). Boyd designed and constructed the apparatus. Christine drew the designs. I helped as much as I was able. I did take some photographs as they went up. Seeing the men’s faces light up like little boys was the most fun. They were so happy to see their contraption actually work the way it was intended.

I would imagine the school will be able to benefit for years by this new addition to their stage productions. I have to admit, it is pretty cool! We don’t have any time to sit back and enjoy it too much. We still have more sets to build! ARGH! Three weeks until show time.

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  1. it’s kind of sad that this is what your life consists of… ya. good thing it is almost over. and then you can… do other… things?

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