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<img src=’’ alt=’ca_friends.jpg’ ‘class=’alignleft’ />I have some friends. Our slogan or motto is… “Are you happy?” We preface it with each other’s name and there is a tad bit of a whine in the question. This is usually a hint that the discussion needs to occur in the vault. If you don’t know what the vault is…. so sad.

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody. ~Herbert B. Swope

Sooooo, am I happy? I am NOW. I spent all of last night trying to get my airport extreme to work. I was having withdrawals from the internet. This was compounded by my children WHINING about not having access to the world. I was left alone under my computer trying to figure it out while they went out and actually played with their friends. Hmmm, what would that be like? I was so frustrated that my window seemed like the perfect place to throw my cherished computer! Instead I started to play with my iPhone. Word warp is a good stress reliever at midnight!

Today, we were able to make it work. We are happy… except….

Am I on your blog list? (hear the whine?) Do you realize one’s place in the life and heart of others is determined by a link on your blog page? Good to know! If you’re not on my list, consider the possibility that I don’t know you have a blog. If I am not on yours, and I am checking, makes me wonder. Are you feeling my pain?

Wistie got a job… then they called back and changed their mind. Deja Vu. I swear this girl has been through the wringer and more! Yesterday she was officially hired. She is starting on Monday.

She is happy. She is on my blog page! She must be my friend.

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